Sunday, 25 July 2010

Hand Made

From: 15th October to 7th November 2010
At: Advocate Galleries, 39 Church Road,Wimbledon Village,
London SW19 5DQ
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Hand Made is a collaboration between two artists, Trinidad Ball (painter) and Loli Carde├▒oso (ceramic artist) who having found inspiration in each other's work, are now engaged in creating a collection that reflects this cross pollination. The result will be an exhibition in which 2D and 3D artwork bounce off each other.

We have chosen specific paintings by painters we admire as point of departure for some of our works. Other pieces in this exhibition are inspired by nature.

Still life by Giorgio Morandi
Still Life by Pablo Picasso
The Birth of Venus by Salvador Dali
Still life by Giorgio Morandi
some images of the work that can be seen at

Artists Statements
Trinidad: When I first saw Loli's work I had the strong impression of looking at a mirror image of my own work but in a different dimension. I liked her composition, the elegance of lines and the smoothness of her surfaces, and I liked her. The project has evolved slowly and out of interest and appreciation for each others's work. It has been necessary to spend time trying to understand each others's materials so as to gain an understanding of how ceramic art is made. This project aims to blur the boundaries between 2D and 3D art. It has made us think about our work through the eyes of the other and it has resulted in work which has been enriched by the exploration and cross- pollination of our respective dimensions.

Loli: My first impression of Trinidad's work was that she was concerned with the same thing as I was, ie. the relationship between individual forms and how the proximity to each other affects the way they look and the impression they give. This is probably the most abiding concern for all still life painters. She was also evidently influenced by the classical Spanish still life painters like Zurbaran, Sanchez Cotan and Melendez, which in a more tangential way also had influenced me. Even if it could be said that her work was about colour and mine was mostly while, I still felt we were chasing that same elusive and unstable relationship between between objects and the space they occupy.