Monday, 17 August 2009

Bottles - porcelain bottles with and without decoration

"Husk" porcelain arrangement with orange decoration
"Cascara" grupo de porcelana con colorante naraja. Oil painting by Trindidad Ball - "For better of for worse" (from the exhibition "" at Instituto Cervantes, Londres. 2007)
Pintura al oleo de Trinidad Ball- "En lo bueno y en lo malo" (expuesto en "" en el Institudo Cervantes, Londrs 2007)

"Two Tied " porcelain bottles on slate- "Atados" botellas de porcelana sobre pizarra

Porcelain bottles with silver thread decoration. Botellas de porcelana decoradas con hilo de plata.

Botellas de porcelana con "tulipan negro". Porcelain bottles with "black tulip" motif

Faceted bottles. Botellas angulares.

Photograph by Laurie Huskell. Fotografia de Laurie Huskell.
Nude. Desnudo

Arrangement with bowl, bottle and stand. Inlaid decoration
Grupo con botella, cuenco y bandeja.

A series of decorative porcelain bottles.

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