Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Exhibition "Hand Made" with work by Trinidad Ball and Loli Cardeñoso

Welcome to our exhibition "Hand Made" and many thanks to Advocate Galleries and Edward Burns for hosting it.
(Trinidad in the red dress and me in the squiggly one)

We had been planning this for sometime so we hope you enjoy it!

My portrait painted by Trinidad can be seen behind the desk in front of the art critics (Marko Stepanov and John Farrell) who are discussing it in earnest!

In real earnest!

Aubergines: oil painting by Trinidad and ceramic with lustre by me

White on Blue (with a bit of red). Ceramic bottles and their portraits

"El Desastre" a composition inspired by Goya's "Desastres de la Guerra"

Some of the exhibits in the window.

Indeed............. life is a wall of cherries!!!
though cherries are not the only fruit!

Apples apples everywhere
and not a a drop of cider!

Some early guests at the exhibition

There is more information about this exhibition in some of my previous entries.
It will be open until 10th November Advocate Galleries, 39 Church Road, Wimbledon Village SW19 5DQ
Do leave a comment if you wish or write to me at: loli@cardenoso.com

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