Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hand Made Exhibition - oil paintings and ceramics

From: 15th October to 7th November 2010
At: Advocate Galleries, 39 Church Road,Wimbledon Village,
London SW19 5DQ
for further information contact:
Hand Made is a collaboration between two artists, Trinidad Ball (painter) and Loli Carde├▒oso (ceramic artist) who having found inspiration in each other's work, are now engaged in creating a collection that reflects this cross pollination. The result will be an exhibition in which 2D and 3D artwork bounce off each other.

Also see my posting of 25th July

I will also be showing a sample of my "Symbolic Portraits" you may commission a portrait in this style or buy one of the ones featured below:

Miss Havisham

What is Time?

Self portrait

Painter Trinidad Ball

These portraits are presented on canvas or board and protected with a clear cover.

Here are a few more pictures of the work I will be exhibiting at Hand Made

2 porcelain bottles with silver wire decoration, on a slate
most of my bottles are slip cast and reproduce the interior shape of glass bottles

Porcelain bottle and bowl on a stand with cobalt inlaid decoration

2 porcelain bottles with cord. Oil painting by Trinidad Ball

2 porcelain bottles with black tulip decoration

5 porcelain cups made on the wheel and fired together

2 porcelain bottles on a stand decorated with red glaze

3 cherries on a piece of glazed kiln shelf

2 small apple vases on glaze pieces of kiln shelf

3 small "bundle" fruit, white clay with red glaze

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